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Future Technology to Reduce Weather Related Car Crashes

The country’s top weather experts and meteorologists met yesterday in Washington D.C. to discuss solutions to the growing problem of weather related accidents in the U.S.  This meeting was triggered by a recent statistic that one in four car crashes are caused by weather with 7,130 people killed yearly, according to the Federal Highway Administration.  Weather related accidents are defined as events that occur during weather challenges such as rain, sleet, snow, fog or slick roads.

Future Technology to Reduce Weather Related Car Crashes- Space Coast PreppersThe “New Developments and Opportunities in Surface Transportation” meeting also discussed future developments in technology that can prove lifesaving on the roads.  Weather stations in individual vehicles are expected in the next decade that contain sensors that provide information regarding weather temperature, moisture and barometric pressure.  In addition, the station will provide valuable data about upcoming weather maladies on the road including black ice, hail or fog.  That data will be transmitted to computer centers which will, in turn, return back more detailed information and warnings back to you in your vehicle.

Until weather stations are available in your car, ABC News still lists three important tips to help you drive successfully in adverse conditions: slow down despite the stated speed limit, refrain from tailgating and brake softly to avoid spinning out on slick roads.

Drive safe.

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