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Nice To Meet All Of You!

Nice To Meet All Of You!

Karen Lynn New Guest Author @ Space Coast Preppers
Hi everyone I’m Karen Lynn from Lil’ Suburban Homestead I am thrilled to be a Guest Blogger here!  It’s Nice To Meet All Of You!  Many of us connecting at Space Coast Preppers are all coming here for different reasons and one of my main reasons is that I believe the world is changing very rapidly and those that will be successful will be the survivors.  In my opinion the survivors will be those that are prepared for what life will bring to them possibly when things change.  Loss of modern conveniences, no access to medications, lack of technology, no pre-made foods available and the list goes on.  However let me tell you my story because I didn’t start out being a prepper at all although I grew up in a household where my parents were very financially savvy and organized.  My Dad did a lot of  his own mechanical repairs as well as household repairs and my Mom sewed and patched up all of our clothes and for the most part we ate homemade meals however there was not the array of restaurants and fast food establishments that are around now.

Lil' Suburban Homestead Family Photo

When my husband and I got  married almost 24 years ago we realized that we were going to have to be more resourceful and clever to make ends meet.   We lived in the Washington DC metropolitan area at the time and everything was so expensive and we struggled to keep up financially with family members.  Once I had my daughter I decided that I wanted to stay home and I taught myself how to garden and can our own food.  Now remember this was before the days of Pinterest and blogs so I had to go to the library and check out books and teach myself as best I could.  There were no online forums to bounce questions off of others and even if their had been our internet was so slow it wouldn’t have been helpful.

Lil' Suburban Homestead keeping chickens- Space Coast Preppers.com

My husband had been raised in the country and had learned from his father about chopping firewood, carpentry skills, and his mother also made candles and ceramics.  So he was no stranger to craftiness and do it yourself projects either.  For years we did some light gardening and canning but we were so busy working we never really thought about the fact that we could really supplement a good amount of our own food even in suburbia.  We moved to North Carolina and at one of our houses we really decided to add a bigger garden and get some chickens the very beginnings of the life that I finally felt at home doing and I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home at the time with our children.

lil suburban homestead raised bed garden-  Space Coast Preppers.com

Now we live in Coastal North Carolina and after I battled and won against thyroid cancer in 2009 we decided there had to be a better way.  We now not only garden but most of our gardens are edible, we raise chickens currently we have 15 of them and we raise bees to supply our own honey for bartering.  We do all of this on a little suburban homestead in a subdivision so it can be done!

Lil' Suburban Homestead bee keeping-  Space Coast Preppers.com

We also teach our children to be resourceful and self-sufficient and our currently reviewing our bug out bags and plans with our children one of whom is an adult but needs to know what to do in a survival situation.  I am a huge advocate of getting back to our roots,  resourcefulness, foraging and now I am working on my fitness level to get stronger so that I physically will be stronger in an emergency situation.  We live in an area that experiences hurricanes and storms on a regular basis so we are used to be inconvenienced with power outages and having to be prepared with emergency supplies and water just to name a few of the things you need in an emergency.

I look forward to sharing our knowledge with all of you but also being a part of this community and learning from all of you!  I have not only been a blogger at my own blog Lil’ Suburban Homestead but I have been featured at various blogs through out the internet on the subject of frugality and sustainable living and I am a former guest blogger for Frugal Families.com as well.  Connecting with other like-minded folks is a powerful too because we get to learn from others wisdom and put plans into action faster.

Warm Regards,

About Karen Lynn

Karen Lynn
Hi my name is Karen Lynn I am a contributing guest author here at Space Coast Preppers which I am so excited about and I also have my own little blog called "Lil' Suburban Homestead" that I started in 2010 when I realized that I needed to share what my husband and I and our family had already been doing: Being resourceful, sharing our self sufficiency and frugality posts and our "Preparedness" topics which I think our crucial for families to learn about due to the changes in the world we see taking place. We have chickens, we are avid gardeners and beekeepers, and frugality is something we embrace and I absolutely love to cook garden recipes and make do with what we have. I am honored and flattered to be a part of a community where folks have the desire to do the same!

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