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A Prepper Library – Do You Have One?

Are You Ready?

A Prepper Library - Do You Have One? - Space Coast Preppers.com

At this point our library is extensive but don’t worry if you are just starting out.

Do you have information that is important to you that is accessible without electronic media?  We have a prepper library with a multitude of books at our finger tips for reference for when the day comes and the lights do go out.

I’m not joking the earth does not have an endless supply of power other than sustainable resources like the sun and wind and lets face it we are not set up for an off grid environment just yet and it’s fairly clear the powers that be don’t want us off the grid anyway.  We started out one book at a time some great places to collect books for your collection are:

Yard Sales – Used Book Stores – Library Sales – School Flea Markets – On line Book Swaps

We have books on the following topics:

Space Coast Preppers Resource Library

Space Coast Preppers Has a Resource Library with Dozens of Documents, Links and Books to Aid You in Your Prepping- CLICK TO VISIT THE LIBRARY

A Prepper Library - Do You Have One? - Space Coast Preppers.com

We went to great pains to collect many of these books so that we would be ready and would have information we needed at our fingertips.

Often when I search for information on Google I get redirected to several different places, and that just doesn’t happen when I open a book, although it does take a moment to search the Table of Contents.

We deliberately make an effort to cook with our dutch oven so we stay practiced at this skill, along with making sure to look up gardening questions in our books so using our book shelf does not feel unnatural when the time comes we HAVE to use it and it’s not just an option as it is now.

There may come a time when you need to know how to harvest dandelion greens and how to prepare them, or to know which tubers are safe to eat from the ground.  Many of these topics such as butchering a pig or even a chicken most people typically don’t have to do these jobs anymore but you need to know how.

Knowledge is power.

I wish for you empowerment on your journey to preparedness.

Hope all is well!

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy lives to read this post!


Karen Lynn New Guest Author @ Space Coast Preppers

-About KarenLynn
KarenLynn is a blogger from Lil’ Suburban Homestead.com she has been blogging since 2008 for Frugal Families and then later started her own blog in 2010  after surviving Thyroid Cancer and dealing with major medical issues her family decided there had to be a better way.  She has been featured at Canadian Budget Binder.com & Old World Garden Farms and won several blogging awards.  Her and her husband The Viking in her life are passionate about gardening, beekeeping, raising chickens, survival skills, prepping, and sustainable living.   They have 2 children one is 15 and one is 21 who they include in learning about gun safety and learning survival skills for the future such as gardening, foraging, and being self-sufficient!

About Karen Lynn

Karen Lynn
Hi my name is Karen Lynn I am a contributing guest author here at Space Coast Preppers which I am so excited about and I also have my own little blog called "Lil' Suburban Homestead" that I started in 2010 when I realized that I needed to share what my husband and I and our family had already been doing: Being resourceful, sharing our self sufficiency and frugality posts and our "Preparedness" topics which I think our crucial for families to learn about due to the changes in the world we see taking place. We have chickens, we are avid gardeners and beekeepers, and frugality is something we embrace and I absolutely love to cook garden recipes and make do with what we have. I am honored and flattered to be a part of a community where folks have the desire to do the same!

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