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It’s THAT Time of Year Again

It’s THAT Time of Year Again It’s that time of year when we all make resolutions, most of which we promptly forget in short order. This year I pray I am able to remember mine a bit longer and even manage to succeed in a few of them. This year I resolve to be less concerned with the world and more concerned with myself! Sound selfish? I assure you it isn’t meant to be. Rather I am probably doing many a greater thing. If I concentrate less on the world, it means I won’t fall into the trap of listening to every shared “truth” or morsel of rumor out there. If I concentrate more on myself, I will take time to read and learn and figure out some of those supposed facts for myself. I won’t be someone adding to the hysteria and stress of others but maybe, just maybe, I will be the source of reality for them instead.

It’s THAT Time of Year AgainMuch of what has already been set in motion by forces that were out of my reach and knowledge are already part of the inevitable. Much of it is history repeating itself as we know it does. The why it does is something we should concern ourselves with more than we do. The why can be summed up in people not taking care of their own business. We want what others have – we think we know what is best for everyone else. And we determine that our way is the ONLY way because it is the right way.

So I have no grandiose puffed up piece ofIt’s THAT Time of Year Again fluff to write about the New Year and all my resolutions for making the world a better place. No authoritative post on how to save the world or turn this tired country of ours around. I certainly can’t tell all of you how to follow your religion better, to be a more obedient devotee who shares that faith and converts everyone no matter what it is you think is right or is the truth. No, I can only share with you that I am going to spend less time trying to save the world or make it over. I am starting with me. In doing so maybe I can convince a few others to do likewise – that is the true revolution. That may just end up saving the world if we each tried to do the same. May God bless each and every one of you no matter what – may 2014 be all you hope and pray for.


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Bonnie Dicrocco
Bonnie Dicrocco is a featured guest author at Space Coast Preppers.com and publishes "Pinch of Prepping, Sip of Sustainability, and Me" at http://w.pinchofprepping.com in addition to having authored books found for sale on Amazon. She can also be followed on Twitter at @pinchofprepping. She is happily married (to Valentino ;) ) and mama to 4 adult sons. Nothing makes her happier than home and family! Although newer than many to the world of prepping and self-sustainability, she and her husband actively embrace the life!

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