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Tabitha, Finding a Prepper’s Dream


I know many of you are in the midst of snowstorms and being bored, dreaming of spring weather and some gardening. So try to relax a bit and enjoy some reading instead for just a bit:

Please indulge me for a quick moment while I engage in a bit of bragging – I have a new book released on Kindle and in paperback form – Tabitha, Finding a Prepper’s Dream
“This is a modern tale of a family and town that faced economic collapse along with an EMP event. Tabitha tried for many years to teach the families to put up foods and other supplies in case of emergencies. It wasn’t about zombies, she just wanted folks to have enough to feed themselves. No one listened, most even mocked her. That is until it all fell apart – the economy, the weather, and finally the grid.They learn to survive and flourish thanks to the efforts of a woman named Tabitha. She is stronger than anyone ever expected as she leads a town to their future.”

The Kindle version can be found here at Tabitha, Finding a Prepper’s Dream

The paperback is found at Tabitha, Finding a Prepper’s Dream

Although a prepper novella (shorter novel), it is free of swearing, sex, violence, but has lots of great prepper hints and tips as well as written from a Christian perspective – check it out – I hope you all enjoy!

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Bonnie Dicrocco
Bonnie Dicrocco is a featured guest author at Space Coast Preppers.com and publishes "Pinch of Prepping, Sip of Sustainability, and Me" at http://w.pinchofprepping.com in addition to having authored books found for sale on Amazon. She can also be followed on Twitter at @pinchofprepping. She is happily married (to Valentino ;) ) and mama to 4 adult sons. Nothing makes her happier than home and family! Although newer than many to the world of prepping and self-sustainability, she and her husband actively embrace the life!

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