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Sovereign Citizens, Gun Control and Conspiracy Theorists: The Hunt is On and WE Are The Targets


As always happens when law enforcement officers are killed, The Las Vegas shooting of two police officers has sent the mainstream media into a frenzy about the shooters, and their motivation for the attack.

No one deserves to be shot in cold blood just because of the job they do. We should be able to walk the streets without some whack job taking a shot at us. Our children should not be in fear of classmates blowing their brains out in the school yard, but these incidents happen, and will continue to happen.

The gun control lobby would have us believe that if we take weapons off the streets, remove them from the hands of citizens these attacks will stop. They won’t.

The UK is a prime example of this: 1987 Hungerford1996 Dunblane, and  2010 Cumbria all saw double figures loss of life to lone gunmen. Every day on the streets of English cities people are shot, civilians and police. It’s a daily occurrence, and this in a country where for the most part firearms are totally banned. The UK is not alone. France currently has experienced a spate of shootings, even normally peaceful Norway lost 77 people to Anders Breivik.

You could destroy every gun in the United states and there would still be gun crime, guns would still get into the country.

Although gun control figures very highly on the current political agenda, we would be stupid to take that at face value. it is not just about mass shootings, it’s about something the government sees as a much greater threat. You and I.

From the FBI ‘Sovereign Citizens A Growing Threat to Law Enforcement’:

It is important to realize sovereign citizens’ tactics to harass and intimidate law enforcement, court, and government officials, as well as financial institution employees. Methods can range from refusing to cooperate with requests, demanding an oath of office or proof of jurisdiction, filming interactions with law enforcement that they later post on the Internet, and filing frivolous lawsuits or liens against real property. (my emphasis)

There’s a whole host of other things that apparently make people like you and I a threat, that makes us sovereign citizens and therefore a group to be watched. These include:

  • Reference to the Bible
  • Reference to The Constitution
  • Reference to US Supreme Court decisions
  • References to foreign government treaties
  • References to conspiracy theories

So being a Christian now makes you a threat. Engaging in discussions about government makes you a threat, wondering if Lyndon Johnson had a hand in the JFK killing makes you a threat, and of course writing in red crayon makes you a threat.

The document goes on to say:

The sovereign-citizen threat likely will grow as the nationwide movement is fueled by the Internet, the economic downturn, and seminars held across the country that spread their ideology and show people how they can tap into funds and eliminate debt through fraudulent methods.

As sovereign citizens’ numbers grow, so do the chances of contact with law enforcement and, thus, the risks that incidents will end in violence. Law enforcement and judicial officials must understand the sovereign-citizen movement, be able to identify indicators, and know how to protect themselves from the group’s threatening tactics.

Many of us also apparently speak a language that only other sovereign citizens can understand and consistently write in red crayon!

Sovereign citizens often produce documents that contain peculiar or out-of-place language. In some cases, they speak their own language or will write only in certain colors, such as in red crayon. (source)

Anyone who disagrees with the government, or highlights a wrongful arrest buy a police officer, or who uses a red crayon because their pen ran out is now a target of the FBI.

There is of course no mention of these shooters just being out and out psychopath. There is no reference at all to the children who shoot other children being drugged up to their eyeballs with anti-depressants. There is never, ever a reference to someone hating police because of a past experience with law enforcement.

Mainstream media has latched onto this, as they do, and is spreading the word that we, those who question the rationale of our government, are all part of the sovereign citizen movement.  Here is a classic example of the crap the mainstream media put out on the sovereign citizen ‘threat’. Note how the writer uses the Las vegas shooters Amanda and Jerad Miller as examples of people “very like sovereign citizens”. Not they are sovereign citizens…they are just “very like” them.

This is akin to saying my sister and I are alike. She is fifteen years older than me, a different sex, a foot and a half shorter, looks nothing like me and has different color hair than I. We are only alike in that we question the way the world is going and we shared the surname Carrington until she married, in other words we are not alike at all.

Here’s the article:

Before the deadly shooting rampage Sunday that left two police officers and a bystander dead, 8 News NOW had learned that Metro Police were getting training on how to identify and deal with “domestic terrorists.”

Terrorism experts say the suspects in the shooting, Jerad and Amanda Miller, are very like sovereign citizens, a loosely formed movement full of anti-government beliefs. The FBI has now classified “sovereign citizens” as “domestic terrorists.”

Experts say certain followers will use violence to further their cause, like what happened Sunday.

Last month, 75 Metro Police and law enforcement agents gathered for a six-hour training course on how to identify these types of groups. The goal is to have patrol officers and first responders ready to recognize the signs.

“In this two and half hours, I am going to teach you to walk away with something that may save your life,” senior investigator Britton Schaefer said.

From the inside of the darkened room, patrol officers received information about a looming threat. The investigators say the “sovereign citizen” movement is growing.

“They’re going to go after your police chief. They’re going to go after the city council. They’re going to go after the district attorney,” Schaefer said.

Before the shootings that would kill two officers, a former cop taped this training session last month to share online with police departments across the country.

“While many people have regarded this in the past as a bunch of fruit-loop wackos with strange ideas, these are a group of wackos, or a percentage of them, that are resorting to violence and domestic terrorism,” former police officer Clinton Billups said.

These officers learned traffic stops are often where sovereign citizens will refuse to cooperate with police:

“Sovereign citizens, when asked for identification, will very often present a driver’s license that they prepared themselves.” Billups said.

Investigators say that is because they don’t recognize the federal government.

“Obviously, they don’t want to have that ID because it is a contract with the state,” Schaefer said.

Billups says when officers ask for registration, sovereign citizens often have a single reply, “I have no responsibility to provide you with that information. Under whose authority do you ask?”

Much like accused shooter Jerad Miller; investigators say many sovereign citizens have spent time behind bars, growing angrier at the police, the judge and the government who put them there.

Now, the hope is that officers will have the tools they need to stay safe in the face of this growing and potentially dangerous movement.

The video of that Metro training session will only be released to law enforcement. It’s still in the final stages of editing but will be available to other agencies some time in the next few months.


Well here’s a theory for you: Gun control is not about stopping mass shootings, it’s about disarming an ever increasing number of people who disagree with the way the United States government is running the country. It’s about disarming a disillusioned citizenry that may, one day, God willing say enough is enough.

The government cannot risk having a group of awake and aware people calling it out. It cannot risk sending in the now militarized police and having those who are being oppressed fight back. The government cannot risk the citizens showing that the president-elect of the United States is a a liar, a law breaker and a terrorist supporter.

The hunt is on and we are the targets, and we will continue to be the targets until the government actually does what it was set up to do, and that’s look after the interests of it’s citizens. The look after number one, nest-feathering of the elitist power hungry politicians that walk the halls of power has to stop, but they don’t want it to stop.

Their biggest fear is that the citizens of the United States will decide enough is enough and take matters into their own hands. They are trying to instil fear into the masses, trying to convince them that the enemy that walks amongst them is the real bogeyman who has to be stopped.  The promotion of Sovereign Citizens to enemy of the state is just part of that process.

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