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New Emergency Essentials Website and Blog!

Emergency Essentials has new digs!Click here to see our new website, and a new home for the Preparedness Pantry Blog! You’ll want to change any RSS feeds, bookmarks, etc. to the new blog address so you can keep updated on the latest ...

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Oat Recipes to LOVE

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Baby Steps: Winter Storm Know-How

Even if you won’t be affected by this weekend’s nor’easter Nemo, it’s a good idea to build up your knowledge about winter storms. This Baby Steps post will help you know where to go to get reliable information on weather ...

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Fall in Love With Our Group Specials

Space Coast Preppers.com- Where the Space Coast Preps! Space Coast Preppers is an Online Community for Preppers in the Space Coast Area of Florida.

February is all about sharing the love. If you’re lucky enough to have a group of like-minded friends and family you probably already have a group account with us. If you’re flying solo, look for preppers in your area. Preppers benefit by banding together to make large purchases; we offer discounts to groups who buy in bulk. We’re serious about getting you the best deal possible so we’ll give you free shipping if you meet the minimum purchase order. Click here for details.

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Where’s Nemo Now?

Space Coast Preppers.com- Where the Space Coast Preps! Space Coast Preppers is an Online Community for Preppers in the Space Coast Area of Florida.

As a potentially severe Nor’easter (dubbed Nemo) threatens the East Coast states, FEMA is encouraging those who may be affected to prepare now for blackouts by gathering supplies for keeping warm, hydrated, and fed. They also suggest getting a radio with a NOAA weather band for staying updated on the latest developments related to the storm.



Some items to think about for keeping warm:

NOAA-capable radios to stay informed:

Kaito Green Voyager On sale for $49.95

If you live in the Northeast, it would be a great idea for you to follow @FEMARegion1 on Twitter for frequent real-time updates.

The National Weather Service feed @usNWSgov is another reliable source of information. 

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Fall in Love With Our Food Storage Sale Items

Space Coast Preppers.com- Where the Space Coast Preps! Space Coast Preppers is an Online Community for Preppers in the Space Coast Area of Florida.

As usual, Emergency Essentials is offering great deals on valuable items. This month we’re emphasizing food storage, so look for sales on our combos and long-term supplies. With these deals, you can't help fall in love with food storage! 

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Fall In Love With Food Storage This Month

Food storage might not be your go-to resource for foods you love to eat. But that's likely because you haven't spent much time using it—maybe you're intimidated or you feel that you're too busy. So that’s why this month we’re making it our theme to help you fall in love with food storage. All month long we’ll be featuring food storage sale items, our best-loved food storage recipes, and tips for incorporating food storage into your everyday meals.

To get you started, here are three of our favorites:

Sale Item: Year Supply of Basics (on sale for $749.99; regularly $910.50)
This is a great way to establish the foundation of your customized food supply. This combo feature staples that you can rely on; two kinds of wheat, rice, oats, lentils, 8 different kinds of beans, peas, popcorn, milk, honey, sugar, salt, shortening powder, and (my favorite for added versatility) garden seeds.

Recipe: Food Storage Breakfast Casserole
This breakfast casserole is a hit with several of the finicky eaters in our office. We’re confident it’ll be a hit at your house. It’s made completely from food storage items so be prepared to fall completely in love after your first bite.

Tip: Prep Daddy’s Easiest Way to Use Wheat
In this post from our archives Prep Daddy prepares wheat in the easiest way possible. I used to make this when I was on a student budget and MAN it’s tasty! I didn’t even need to add sweetener because I felt the wheat had a honeyed flavor of its own. Click here for more tips.

Check out these three and let us know what you think. Keep coming back all month for more great ideas on how to fall in love with your food storage.

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The Great ShakeOut (Utah and elsewhere)

Are you prepared for an earthquake? Check out the Great UtahShakeOut insert created by the Deseret News, Emergency Essentials (go team!), Be Ready Utah, and the Utah Division of Emergency Management. It has loads of tips, information, and games that will help individuals and families prepare for earthquakes or other emergency situations.

The insert is available online below; you can also get free printed copies at our Utah store locations. The Great Utah ShakeOut is happening on April 17th at 10:15 a.m. Register today, and click the link below to learn how you can prepare.

View the GreatUtah ShakeOut 2013 insert here. (The link should take you to a page that looks like the image below. That will be page 1 of the 12-page insert.)

Not in Utah?

Did you participate in your state’s ShakeOut last year? Have you registered for this year’s ShakeOut? Clickhere to see if/when a ShakeOut is happening in your area.

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Who They Gonna Call?

It turns out that it’s not too early to teach your toddler what to do in an emergency. Today’s guest post shares several solid ideas that will help you teach your child about crisis situations.

Teaching small children how to reach emergency services is less of a practical challenge and more of an emotional one, though there are some ways to simplify the process even further to make sure that they gain this much-needed skill.

You’ll definitely want to read the whole post here: http://www.babysittingjobs.com/blog/ways-to-teach-your-child-to-call-911/. Let us know if you’ve tried these techniques at home and if you have any other suggestions.

Two other helps: 
  1.  Click here to download our Emergency Information for Caregivers. It’s a great way to inform and prepare your babysitter.

  2.   Even if this does nothing more than prove to your kids that you can’t get any nerdier, incorporate this song into your discussion. Have fun! 

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Pennies for Prepping: January 2013 Results

Space Coast Preppers.com- Where the Space Coast Preps! Space Coast Preppers is an Online Community for Preppers in the Space Coast Area of Florida.

Hi, friends! How did January go for you? Did you save any pennies towards prepping gear or food storage? I started off with the existing spare change I had in my jar and spent this month adding my leftover cash ...

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