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Bonnie Dicrocco
Bonnie Dicrocco is a featured guest author at Space Coast Preppers.com and publishes "Pinch of Prepping, Sip of Sustainability, and Me" at http://w.pinchofprepping.com in addition to having authored books found for sale on Amazon. She can also be followed on Twitter at @pinchofprepping. She is happily married (to Valentino ;) ) and mama to 4 adult sons. Nothing makes her happier than home and family! Although newer than many to the world of prepping and self-sustainability, she and her husband actively embrace the life!

Water Water Everywhere and Not a Drop To Drink

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In the Beginning There Were Mistakes … and I Made Most of Them

       Today is Confession Day for me. If there are any mistakes common to all new preppers made on this journey I probably made all of them.      The first and biggest one was to not spend a bit more ...

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Budget Tips and Hints for Stocking Up and Prepping

Today is a great day to grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit a spell while we chat some more about prepping on a budget. Where I live the stores do not allow double coupons. However several stores ...

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That Scary First Step

The family prepping journey has been underway for a while now. I say family but in truth most of the time I have marched alone. My family just indulges me. Ahhh, the perks of being mama bear in a household … Continue reading

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My Journey and Why

As a young gal I dreamt of living on a farm, growing vegetables, raising animals. As a newlywed my husband and I together dreamt of a log cabin in the woods, having a huge garden that we preserved, raising livestock, … Continue reading

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