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Vigil Prudence
Who is Prudence? I am a Christian lady, a shepherdess not a sheep. I am a certified life coach as well as a certified money management coach. I firmly believe that all women should have a special man in their life, however, not all of us do, either from death of a spouse, divorce or just unlucky in love. My goal in writing is to coach, mentor and encourage you to be strong, confident, prepared and able to take care of yourself, family and friends in all types of situations. My posts are written in hopes that you, the reader, will be a shepherdess to those around you, the person that others come to in a time of trouble. I touch on nearly everything a woman may encounter, from disaster planning, finances, job loss, safety and security, to do-it-yourself projects around the house all to help you be better prepared. Please visit: VigilPrudence.com for more on being self-reliant, vigil and prudent in the day-to-day adventures of life as a women.

Stocking Up – It’s Not Prepping, It’s Smart

Stocking Up – It’s Not Prepping, It’s Smart - Space Coast Preppers.com

The words stocking up have often been associated with prepping or the prepper community. In many cases that may be true, however, even though I many times use the word “prepper” and “prepping” as catch all terms, I can’t say ...

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Why Are Millions Of Americans Preparing For Doomsday?

I found this article at vigilprudence.com.  You can find the original article here.  Thank you Prudence for letting us reprint it. All over America, there are millions of Americans that are quietly preparing for doomsday.  They are turning spare rooms ...

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