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The Liberty Brothers Interview – “Off-Grid” Living Author, Rich Scheben

Rich Scheben grew up in the metropolitan area of N.Y.C. With degrees in Forestry, Business Administration, and Marketing he lived the part of the New York businessman and night-life denizen. However, Rich had a second life which he spent in ...

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Book Review: The Survivors Club

In the book The Survivors Club, Ben Sherwood who writes for the L.A. Times, interviews people from around the world who survived events that would kill most, trying to answer the question “Why?”.  Why do some people survive while others capitulate and die from similar circumstances.  by Ed, a contributing author of SurvivalCache.com The Survivors [...]

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Tabitha, Finding a Prepper’s Dream

I know many of you are in the midst of snowstorms and being bored, dreaming of spring weather and some gardening. So try to relax a bit and enjoy some reading instead for just a bit: Please indulge me for a quick moment while I engage in a bit of bragging – I have a new book released on Kindle

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Book Review: Expatriates

The Crunch continues.  In James Wesley, Rawles latest book, Expatriates, we find a new group of hardened individuals determined to survive against all odds during the major socioeconomic collapse which Rawles labels “The Crunch” that is sweeping across the modern ...

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Book Review: The Pulse

I recently sat down and read “The Pulse” by Scott B. Williams.  A thrilling tale about a modern world suddenly left without electricity.  Set between the bayou and the open ocean, it is a reminder how some people will survive while others will perish in a major disaster. By Jimmy C, a contributing author to [...]

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Managing Time and Money For Less Stress

Managing Time and Money For Less Stress - Space Coast Preppers.com

I have been a bit quiet for awhile due to some time needed elsewhere. That made me realize that I should take a few moments to talk about the stress levels we are all facing here. Many of us have ...

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A Prepper Library – Do You Have One?

View the Space Coast Preppers Resource Library

Are You Ready? Do you have information that is important to you that is accessible without electronic media?  We have a prepper library with a multitude of books at our finger tips for reference for when the day comes and ...

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Prepper Books Worth Reading

There are so many great series of books out there worth reading, it seemed to me that most folks were already aware of most of them.  Yet when I get enthusiastic about certain books that I have reread for the ...

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Book Review: Prepper’s Home Defense

Space Coast Preppers.com- Where the Space Coast Preps! Space Coast Preppers is an Online Community for Preppers in the Space Coast Area of Florida.

“The longer it takes for an attacker to get through your defensive measures, the more time you have to detect them and implement additional security protocols.”  With this sentence, Jim Cobb sets a serious survival tone for the book “Prepper’s Home Defense“. By Mike, a contributing author of SurvivalCache.com Overview Jim Cobb’s book, Prepper’s Home [...]

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Lessons from the Book of Eli

After the nuclear ash snowfall ended, there was very little left.  Their known world suddenly and inexplicably became unknown.  That was the reality for the mystical-fictional character named Eli found as the theater lights went down.   By Dr. John J. Woods, a contributing author to SurvivalCache.com It’s a movie (Book of Eli) all Survival [...]

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