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Drinking Water

Finally! A Family Sized LifeStraw Filter!

The LifeStraw Family water filter

I love the LifeStraw.  I think it’s an amazing invention.  It’s inexpensive, highly portable, effective, and easy to use.  You can afford to put one of these in all your Bug Out Bags, your cars, your everyday bag, anywhere you ...

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An Earthen Filter For Radioactive Water

An Earthen Filter For Radioactive Water

This earthen water filter will effectively remove radioactive particles from water… All soil is made up of basically three different things – sand, silt, and clay. The different soils found around the United States include different combinations of these three ...

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Survival Preparedness With Limited Resources

Squeeze Every Dollar Out Of Your Preps Prepping for survival can seem overwhelming, especially when just starting with limited resources. Lets look at the scenario where you don’t have much money, you’re on a tight budget, but you’re convinced and ...

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September Meetup a Success

Space Coast Preppers September Meetup

Space Coast Preppers September Meetup We had another successful Meetup tonight. I want to thank Brian Hosken of the Brevard Office of Emergency Management for joining us and presenting on water purification and food storage. Thanks everyone for coming out ...

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Preventing and Treating Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke, and Related Illnesses

What Causes Heatstroke and How to Help- Space Coast Preppers

The dangerous effects of unusually high temperatures on the human body fall into three types: Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion, and Heat Stroke. For some, such as outdoor sports enthusiasts, construction or road crews, farmers, ranchers, etc., the heat may come ...

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Is Stored Water Safe After One Year?

I recently received an email asking my opinion regarding the safety of drinking water that has been stored for a year under specific conditions that include being exposed to higher than normal temperatures during the summer. Here is the question and answer…   Question: Water from a city municipal system which is treated and filled [...]

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How Long To Boil Drinking Water?

How Long To Boil Drinking Water? - Space Coast Preppers.com

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that 90 percent of the world’s water is contaminated in some way. There are a variety of microscopic organisms that can contaminate water supplies and cause potentially serious, even fatal, illnesses among wilderness travelers. ...

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How To Clean A Berkey Water Filter Candle

How To Clean A Berkey Water Filter Candle - Space Coast Preppers.com

For those of you who own a drinking water filter of a style such as the Berkey or British Berkefeld, every once in awhile you will need to clean the filter candle elements that are inside. Here’s how… Not long ...

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Flood Preparedness 101: Part One

Flood Preparedness 101: Part One - Space Coast Preppers.com

It’s raining buckets in the New York City metropolitan area today and all this blogger can think about is whether the basement will flood.  To that end, we at 1-800-PREPARE think it would be wise to give our readers and ...

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WATER Sources and Treatment

WATER Sources and Treatment - Space Coast Preppers.com

Water as you probably know, is a survival priority that comes before food. In fact, it is an often reported fact that we cannot survive much longer than 3 days without it being replenished in our bodies. A very small ...

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