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New to Prepping? Read This First

Welcome! We’re glad you are here.  If you are new to preparedness or “prepping”, this is a great place to start.  Please keep reading.  Here we’re going to discuss the whys for getting prepared, and recommend some ways to get ...

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Resolve to Stay Hydrated

During an emergency it’s more important than ever to keep your New Year’s resolution to stay hydrated. You, being a handy, prepared sort, can pull out your trusty Katadyn® and save the day! Katadyn® water filters and purifiers are the ...

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How To Choose Your Survival Food

How To Choose Your Survival Food - Space Coast Preppers.com

A key component of being self-reliant and ready for any kind of emergency is having a solid food supply. It is likely there will come a time when simply going to the grocery store won’t be an option. Many people ...

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Survival Gear Review: KEL-TEC KSG

Survival Gear Review: KEL-TEC KSG - Space Coast Preppers.com

There is nothing else like it on the market today.  The look, design, feel, and features make the Kel-Tec KSG one unique firearm.  One can maybe debate its principal utility, but not the functional alternatives it offers.     By ...

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Welcome To Space Coast Preppers

Welcome to Space Coast Preppers.com

Thanks for joining Space Coast Preppers. I created this site for fellow “Preppers” on the Space Coast of Florida to have a place to socialize, learn, catch up on prepping products and services and meet other like minded people.  Please ...

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Review…Crovel Extreme vs Glock E-tool vs Cold Steel SF Shovel

This is sort of an apples to oranges to pears review. They are all related via the base design, which is the old US military entrenching tool. Each has similarities in that they have a shovel/digging capability, then things diverge ...

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