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Google will ‘know you better than your intimate partner’

Google will ‘know you better than your intimate partner’

Will this robot someday know your every thought? In 15 years’ time, computers will surpass their creators in intelligence, with an ability to tell stories and crack jokes, predicts a leading expert in artificial intelligence. Thus, Google will “know the ...

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Former Supreme Court Justice Wants to Change the Second Amendment for Our “safety and wellbeing”

In his new book, Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution, former (thankfully) Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens outlines the six Constitutional Amendments that he would like to see changed. According to the book’s description on his ...

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A Female Jogger Was Stopped by Cops for Crossing the Street, and Things Escalated…

A woman jogging on Guadalupe Street near the University of Texas at Austin was stopped by police for jaywalking and then arrested for failure to provide ID. Onlooker Chris Quintero witnessed the incident and caught it in a series of ...

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Ukrainian Update with Roman In Ukraine

Roman in Ukraine provides updates about the reality of everyday life, during the protest and civil unrest there. He discusses food supplies, water and daily life. He also discusses who is protesting, why they are protesting and where they are ...

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Check Out our NEW Disaster Preparedness Guide

  Home fires, downed power lines, and winter weather can be just as deadly as earthquakes and tornadoes. It’s important to prepare for natural disasters, but our NEW Disaster Preparedness Guide, “When Disaster Hits Home” is a great reminder to ...

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Stranded & Hunted: When Emergencies and Wildlife Coincide

What would you do if you ran across wild animal tracks?

It seems I just wrote a post about a family who went for a short mountain outing and ended up stuck in the snow for days. The last one happened in Nevada. This newest one happened in Idaho, and adds a chilling new element to an already frightening, if familiar, winter scenario.

Friends Will Murkle and John Julian loaded up an SUV with their kids for an afternoon ride in the snow. When Will’s wife still hadn’t heard from them by midnight, she panicked. Turns out the group had gotten stuck in the snow and decided to walk to the nearest town for help.

Which is when things got really dicey.

“‘The scariest thing was when we came across fresh wolf tracks,’ Will Murkle said. ‘And we could tell wolves had been in the area recently.’”

Not many of us would think to include bear spray or pepper spray in a car emergency kit, and even fewer of us would know what to do if we were to encounter an aggressive animal while stranded. The Murkle-Julian party got lucky—the tracks were as much of the wolves as they saw. So as not to rely on luck, however, here are a couple of resources to help us all avoid being eaten (or—more likely—just attacked) in an emergency situation.

  • Alaska knows a thing or two about wolves. Read their Department of Fish and Game’s article, “Living With Wolves”, then check the links to the left of that article for how to deal with other potentially predatory wildlife.

Just because you’re isolated doesn’t mean all is lost! Know how to protect yourself and your family when circumstances are worse than you thought.

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‘Smart Guns’: Another Step Towards Gun Control

Having a gun that only fires when the owner pulls the trigger may sound like a good idea. Afterall, if a gun won’t work for anyone else then you know for sure who shot whom. Taking a closer look shows ...

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Missouri Senate Votes to Nullify Federal Gun Control 23-10

A Missouri bill which seeks to nullify virtually every federal gun control measure on the books, “whether past, present or future,” passed the Senate Thursday. SB613 would ban the state from enforcing virtually all federal gun control measures, and includes ...

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If You Laugh At This Video Then You’re a Racist…

If you’ve got any doubts about whether or not political correctness has gone just a little too far, then look no further than the recent experience of college administrator Brian Farnan. Farnan, who is the Vice President of  Internal Affairs at ...

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Going Off Grid – Part II

After we made the move to a more rural setting, my focus turned to our reliance on the grid and what that meant for our long term survival after some type of catastrophic event.  Just being away from people did ...

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