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31 Ways to Help Kids Trade Screens for Streams

Nothing indoors held my attention like the woods and streams of my youth. Curiosity drove me and my band of woodland brothers to explore the next creek bend, hilltop and raven. We were amazed by all creatures great and small. ...

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Four Survival Guns

Four Survival Guns - Space Coast Preppers.com

Owning a gun, or a variety of guns, is not only your right, but is a core element to ultimate personal protection and a practical tool for rural survival living. Gun ownership compliments the lifestyle of those who live a ...

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Are You Going to Bug Out, or Hunker Down?

Bug Out or Hunker Down? Space Coast Preppers Discussion

Recently Lou asked  a great question on the Facebook page: He said: “Would like to hear others thoughts on bugging out. I think living on the Space Coast, limits our ability to leave this area, without advance notice. In other ...

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