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MEETUP Tomorrow- Hurricane Preparedness- Sponsored by Twin Rivers Gunworks

Meetup Announcement! Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 7:00 PM Hurricane Preparedness Series Sponsored by Twin Rivers Gunworks Hurricane Preparedness Series: Medical First Aid – When no one is coming. Come join us for our first disaster preparedness meeting. Do you ...

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Psst, kid, want drugs? I’m a psychiatrist.

Look at it this way. The kid doesn’t have to pay for drugs out of his pocket. He gets them in a shrink’s office. Insurance covers it. His parents may be able to work a Social Security disability claim and ...

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Sailors would scrub ship doused with radiation for decontamination training. The US Navy has announced it will soon give its “final” assessment on whether land they plan to sell to the City of San Francisco for development is still contaminated ...

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It’s Coming: “We Are Seeing a Very Material Slow-down Across the Economy”

Remember back in early 2008 when the Presidential election was in full swing and the majority of financial and political pundits were hailing the booming American economy, record home ownership and never ending growth? By the end of the year ...

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For The First Time Ever, More Than Half The Members Of Congress Are Millionaires

Wealthy members of Congress are living the high life at taxpayer expense, while most of the rest of the country continues to suffer through one of the worst economic periods in our lifetimes.  According to an analysis conducted by the Center ...

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Essential Survival Apps for Smartgadgets

Essential survival apps for smartgadgets

Essential Survival Apps for Smartgadgets The smartphone is one of the most essentials tools for survival nowadays. With it, you are able to call for help in times of emergency, or access the Internet for directions when you get lost. ...

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Where Is The Gun???

That’s the problem, there isn’t one. The only reason this makes the news is because the kid was an honor student. He was also found “sane” and “intelligent”. What sane and intelligent 16 year old beats their parents to death ...

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Merck issues mass recall of Gardasil vaccines over glass shard contaminants

By Ethan A. Huff Nearly three-quarters of a million doses of Merck & Co.’s Gardasil vaccine for HPV and cervical cancer have been recalled following the discovery that they may be contaminated. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ...

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Why Would You Want to Spy on Yourself for the Government?

And alternately, how “smart” do you really want your home to be? The commercials have been airing for awhile now: you can protect your home with a smart CCTV camera system that includes full streaming, night vision, two-way talk back, ...

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Why Does Christian Persecution Get Worse In Every Country The U.S. “Liberates”?

When the U.S. military “liberates” a nation, shouldn’t it result in more liberty, freedom and peace for the people living there?  Instead, we find just the opposite.  In fact, in every single case since 9/11, when the U.S. military has ...

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