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Space Coast Preppers is an Online Community for Preppers in the Brevard County (Space Coast) Area of Florida. 

This webpage is available for group memebers to post PREPPING RELATED ITEMS for sale/trade or that they are looking for.  This is not a general classifieds for any products and not a personals website.

Space Coast Preppers is a community for local preppers to gather, learn and trade information. We hope to be your local home for news, blogs, forums, online shopping and reviews, as well as education and videos.

If you are looking for like minded people join us! Feel free to email us for more information as well.

Please take a minute to check out Our Forum, watch some Videos, join us on Facebook, and Twitter, and if you are in the Space Coast area please join our group. We look forward to meeting other local preppers and enjoying each others company while we learn from each other. No strings attached. --Continue Reading--

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