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Bug Out or Hunker Down? - scpadmin - 06-04-2013 01:13 AM

This thread is a continuation from a Facebook discussion started by Lou E. Buckner at

He said:
"Would like to hear others thoughts on bugging out. I think living on the Space Coast, limits our ability to leave this area, without advance notice. In other locations they have the advantage of using various routes to bug out. Here, we only have 95 to head north. Would like to hear some good suggestions on how to prepare for this. Bug Out or Hunker down, that is the ?"

Space Coast Preppers added:
"We have been working on this question as well. I think it comes down to the situation. If at all possible, I want to Hunker Down, protect my home, and the larger items. If we leave we'd have to leave so much stuff, it would be a shame. So I want to do that only in a last resort, plus we have 2 young childresn in the mix. But I welcome everone's comments. We can take this to the forum if need be, I can creat a thread for this discussion Here:

RE: Bug Out or Hunker Down? - Scotty-T - 06-04-2013 01:49 AM

I have lately been thinking a bit about the limits of living on a peninsula.

I have started looking at a sailboat as a bug-out location plus evacuation transport. Sometimes in plain sight is the best hiding place there is.

RE: Bug Out or Hunker Down? - ZorrosBladeZ - 06-04-2013 07:03 AM

Being on the barrier Island . It really depends on the category of the storm and how close the eye is predicted to hit.Depending on Category and direction the storm comes from but generally speaking If its Cat 1 or less I will stay put. If Cat 2 and up I will bug out ahead of time. I do have my preps located in storage in a utility trailer on the main land ready to go. And Also have preps at my home in case we do Hunker down. From past experience I expect trees down, No Electric , possible flooding and no cell service for weeks after a Cat 2 and up blows through here. I have several location to forward to and wait it out depending on the direction of the storm. You still have time to get your prep's ready . And Take a little time to see how long it takes you to gather your preps to bug out We just did our practice runs and I feel real comfortable with it.

RE: Bug Out or Hunker Down? - Maverick - 06-04-2013 08:47 PM

For me it depends, primarily hunkering down but prepared to move, the real threat is wildland fires and that has been dealt with and prepared for, earthquakes is a bigger factor then storms in my area, for that I have a 30 day fully equipped RV given a RV would weather an earthquake far better then the permanent structure I live in.

RE: Bug Out or Hunker Down? - Devil_Dog - 06-11-2013 05:38 PM

(06-04-2013 01:49 AM)Scotty-T Wrote:  I have lately been thinking a bit about the limits of living on a peninsula.

I have started looking at a sailboat as a bug-out location plus evacuation transport. Sometimes in plain sight is the best hiding place there is.

Hey Scotty-T

I here what your saying, I came real close to buying a really nice 40' that needed a lil TLC just last year, but I don't know anything about sailing and was afraid to lay down the cash at the time. I think living where we do a sailboat is an excellent primary or secondary bug out vehicle.


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